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Cloth Protection Mask - Women Cloth Protection Mask - Women Cloth Protection Mask - Women Cloth Protection Mask - Women Cloth Protection Mask - Women
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PLEASE NOTE: Masks are made to order. Quantities shown indicate fabric choices and what is available. Please allow up to a week before order ships.

* The need for protective masks has become a National crisis.  After hearing stories about how the Medical Grade N-95 masks were in short supply, I decided I needed to help by creating a mask that can be worn over the top of those masks in order to protect the hospital issue mask for longer use.  

* These masks are made of 100% cotton quilting fabrics - 2 layers of printed cotton and one layer of dense cotton flannel in the middle.  These are NOT medical grade masks and cannot protect you from the virus.  They can however be used for someone who is immune compromised as a layer of protection while outside of your home.  They also can keep one from touching their face. 

* I'm selling these masks so that I can continue to purchase materials so that I can be able to DONATE these masks to doctors and nurses across the country.  I'm not interested in making money doing this.  I just want to be able to continue making these to protect our front line healthcare workers.  To date, I have donated over 150 masks to the healthcare industry.  

* These masks are intended for an adult - just loop the elastic around your ears and cover your nose and mouth.  They've been prewashed - they can be washed in hot water, but recommend that you line dry to preserve the elastic. 



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